The Dreaming Studio

What is The Dreaming Studio

It's a blog created so that I could present my ideas and creations, without the fear and control of social media. It will mainly be dedicated to programming game development, ramblings, Maybe even some art and writing in the future. It might possibly have a portfolio of anything that I have been doing, unless I decide to put my portfolio on a seperate site.

How Did I Get Here and what will I do

I found a thread in the Newgrounds community forums that would take you to a random '90s' style website. I would eventually find this essay which that convinced me to Dive into the deep end of the ocean of the smaller side of the internet, as an alternative to returning to the problematic world of social media or using websites that have more free speech, but have a bad reputation because of some of it's less desirable members.

I might atttempt to later do some web dev experiments maybe using some javascipt. Though this site will mainly be free of javascript. I will probably also use this as a portfolio site or make a seperate site if this blog becomes too informal.

Where did the name come From

The Dreaming Studio: Where Dreams Do Come True This quote is indirectly associated with one of the most tragic laughing stocks on the internet, who has the wrong manerism, personality, opinions and work ethic at the wrong time. But is it better to potentially become a laughing stock, or never put anything out online. I decided that becoming a laughing stock would be more fulfilling overall.

I don't Like This Style, Will It Change

It is likely to change, as I might have gone overboard with the intro css animations. The hyperlinks at the top will be inactive, until I am able to populate the blog.

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